Before and After School Care

Conveniently located right off Beaver Bank Road, the Beaver Bank Homework Club offers a safe and creative environment for children in grades Primary to grade nine, after school. Services extend to In-Service Days, Holidays, Snow Days, Strike Days and Sick Days. Full time, part-time, temporary, on call. Homework help included. Please use the contact form below to contact the Club for more information or email We can work out a plan to suit your needs.


In Nova Scotia, students are asked to do “homework” at least Monday through Thursday. Reading for 20 minutes whether out loud or to oneself is, for example, a popular Homework item. Students at the Primary level may be asked to practice writing letters and numbers. Older students may be assigned projects requiring several hours of work.

Whatever the homework, help is available Monday through Thursday at Homework Club (although optional), and included in the fee.

Contact Form

How can Homework Club help? Have a question? Want a response by email or phone? Please complete the form below. Thank you. Enjoy the remainderĀ of your day!

Thank you for visiting Beaver Bank Homework Club.

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